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5 Pillars of healthy lifestyle

5 Pillars of healthy lifestyle
Everybody talks about healthy lifestyle and everybody wants to live healthy, but do you actually know which areas are important for keeping your body and mind in good shape? Researches show that people want to live healthy but they are not entirely sure what exactly to focus on, what is the right thing to do, and they also struggle with time and find it difficult to add extra activities into their busy schedules.
Healthy lifestyle has power to prevent a lot of diseases and problems and it is considered the most effective prevention of diseases.
Most of experts on healthy living recommend to focus on 5 key areas and if they become a regular part of your daily routine, you will not even notice you are doing anything ‘extra’ for which you need to find time, and the reward will be a great feeling and healthy body.


Nutrition_icon_green.pngHealthy diet needs to be well balanced to ensure that there are no deficiencies or excesses in nutrients intake. In our region, people usually lack fiber and PUFA – poly unsaturated fatty acids and on the other hand, very common is excess intake of sugar and saturated fatty acids. Including at least one portion of fish a week into your diet and replacing the cakes with dried fruit can be the first step.


physical_activity_icon_green.pngPhysical activity not only supports metabolism and helps with keeping the slim silhouette but it also makes us feel great. To be able to perform physical activity, our body needs to have muscles, bones and joints in good condition and it also needs boost and regeneration after performance. Try to take stairs instead of elevator on your way to work or get off the bus one stop earlier on your way back home. You will not only spend time on fresh air but also burn calories.


Mental_balance_icon_greena.pngBody and soul are connected and our ability to slow down and relax has an effect on good sleep. The quality of sleep has effect to level of physical energy, mental vitality and ability to concentrate during the day. Make sure you find 20 minutes for yourself every day, even if you just close your eyes and listen to your favourite music, you will be surprised how much better you will feel afterwards.


overall_health_icon_green.pngThe decrease of overall body condition, or immunity is reflected in body’s ability to fight diseases. As we train our muscles, brain and endurance, we also need to train and support our immunity. Spending time outdoors, having regular daily routine and taking cold bath help a lot.



bad_habits_icon_green-(1).pngWe all have some guilty pleasures that we find difficult to get rid of. Some of them are very dangerous for our health, like smoking, excessive alcohol intake or overeating, with others we dont even realize they can be harmful, for example spending too much time at the computer screen or living in a very polluted environment area. In any case, try to have those under control and reduce the negative consequences on our health for example by eating more fruits, taking 5 minutes breaks when working on computer all day long, or going for a walk to forest once a week.

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5 Pillars of healthy lifestyle


Everybody talks about healthy lifestyle and everybody wants to live healthy, but do you actually know which areas are important for keeping your...

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