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Breathing Is Life – But Can We Breathe Properly?

Breathing Is Life – But Can We Breathe Properly?
Our breathing seems to be one of the most natural continuous body processes. Most of the time, it is automatic, on the back of our mind, without any special attention required. However, that could be the problem – we often do not realise that as a result of our environment we do not breathe properly, which certainly does not benefit either our mind or our body. The skill of proper breathing is not difficult to achieve. All you have to do is master a couple of breathing exercises, which will quickly help you concentrate, get rid of stress, overcome addictions and approaching critical situations.  

More Ways to Breathe Right

There is no single universal „right“ way to breathe. Breathing can generally be divided into two basic types: belly and chest or diaphragmatic and thoracic if you like. In the first case chest is not moving, only the belly expands. In the second type, it is namely the chest that expands and contracts. Both of these types are suitable if you breathe fluently and deep – and both of these are incorrect if you breathe quickly and shallow.
Belly breathing is a verified technique correcting breathing itself. It can help you control both your body and your mind. In a couple of minutes it can calm you down, concentrate, get rid of undesired stress, or, on the contrary, quickly mobilise you. Another important factor is that is strengthens your abdominal muscles, which are often trained insufficiently by common work-outs.

How to Learn Breathing Properly?

Proper breathing cannot be quite forgotten, although it can be subdued when under various influences. How do we remind the body that it should breathe deep and calm? There are several techniques that can help us here. Start by breathing in through your nose and breathing out with your mouth. Your body will appreciate this, as this is the only way to filter our bacteria and potential viruses, which would otherwise enter your body. Thanks to breathing in through your nose, the cold air going in will heat up and saturate with humidity, which is good news to our body. Do not forget that breath should go into your diaphragm, which will lift with every breath in (through the nose) and drop with every breath out (through the mouth). Try stopping for a while each day and breathe properly. Any position that is comfortable for you will be just fine and make your breathing easier – your breathing exercise will be your rest at the same time. 

How to Belly Breathe

When lying on your back, put one hand on the upper part of your abdomen and the other hand on your chest and try belly breathing. If done properly, the chest should stay flat and your belly should be moving. Take a deep breath in, slightly more than usual, and then let it sink in long and smooth. It is not so hard. Proper breathing influences not only physical processes in your body, such as blood oxygen saturation, heart beat, digestion, and immunity. Be sure to concentrate on your breathing.

Breathing Exercise Helps Quit Smoking

For some time, experts have been recommending breathing exercises to help with addiction to cigarettes. If you feel like having one, breathe in deep through your mouth into your chest, you’re your breath and count ten seconds. Then slowly breathe out through your mouth by pushing the air through your half-closed lips. Repeat the procedure five times and notice that your body and mind relaxed a little. Not only will this technique calm you down, it will help you overcome the ten to fifteen seconds of craving for a cigarette, so familiar to all smokers.

A Bonus, Especially for Women

Proper breathing also means activating the transverse abdominal muscle, which can help narrow down your waist. It actually works as a sort of an „inner belt“. If tight and firm, your belly will be too. Exercising your transverse abdominal muscle during breath exercises will not only relax you, but step by step you may rid your waist of a couple of centimetres.
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