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Nori, the seaweed, which makes sushi an irresistible choice

Nori, the seaweed, which makes sushi an irresistible choice
Fresh, raw fish, specially prepared rice and often seaweed wrapping it all. Yes, we are talking about one of the healthiest and at the same time tastiest meals of international gastronomy - sushi. In this article, we are going to closer examine this tasty combination of vegetables and various ingredients, which deserves its spot in the limelight of healthy and delicious cuisine. We are talking about Nori, the seaweed, which makes sushi an irresistible choice. This is a widely available ingredient, containing substances that rank it in the same category as some other superfoods. For your inspiration, we give you three basic sushi recipes, which this seaweed dominates. Go ahead and enlighten your menu.
Seaweed contains ten to twenty times percent more minerals than dry land vegetables. Despite its high level of mineral absorption from seawater the seaweed does not let in harmful substances, as it is the case with fish. When in polluted water, seaweed just stops growing.

Nori Leads, Not Only Because Of Taste

Nori is one of the most widespread and most popular of all seaweed, not only due to its deliciousness. It can be prepared quickly and easily and offers many ways of use. It contains alginic acid, which binds heavy metals and other toxic substances in the human body and helps eliminate these. It dissolves fat and "cleans up" phlegm accumulated in the body. Nori helps lower cholesterol level in the body by supporting dissolution and elimination of fat deposits. Therefore, it is more important namely for those of you who consume a bigger quantity of milk-based products and meat. Nori also strengthens memory and heart and helps digestion – that is why it is suitable in combination with roast and fried meals. Sea veggies are generally basic and thus balance out excessive acidity within the given organism, which is often the cause of many diseases.


Nori And Nutrition Values

Nori nutrition values are unique. It is one of the richest protein sources among all seaweed. In 100g of seaweed you will find 35g of protein, which is approximately twice as much as in meat. It also contains the E.P.A. oil, which is effective in preventing arteriosclerosis, taurine (an amino acid, which helps decrease blood pressure), a number of vitamins A (up to 11 000 units – almost as much as carrot!), B, and C, as well as vitamin B12, often lacking in vegetarian diets. Your body will appreciate it also thanks to a number of minerals and chlorophyll. Nori, just like all seaweed, contains a lot of iodine, which acts against formation of so-called „goitre“ – enlarged thyroid gland. This seaweed also cures anaemia.


Detox Named Nori

Thanks to a balanced combination of minerals and vitamins, when consumed on a regular basis, seaweed can represent an effective preventative measure against civilisation diseases or can significantly improve health conditions affected by these. Seaweed is full of quality, well usable and easy-to-digest proteins, carbohydrates and substances, which neutralise acids introduced in the body via modern, refined foods. Seaweed cleans organism of toxic substances, but also radioactivity, and improves blood vessel clearance. It is also a valuable source of organic iodine and other trace elements, the need for which cannot be covered from our common diet.


Nori Not Only In Sushi

In Europe, consumption of Nori is mostly linked to sushi, but its use is much mode variable. When planning your menu, remember that seaweed is to be served in small quantities, but regularly. It is rather used as spice when cooking pulses, soups or vegetable meals to enhance taste and increase meal nutrition value. There are also pure seaweed salads, fine-cut seaweed will also enrich classic vegetable salads. Seaweed can be a quick snack in the form of grilled sticks, and also perfect for risotto.


Sushi Nori – Three Variations

Beginners should know that the secret to sushi recipes success is in proper preparation of rice. When making sushi, always use only the sushi-type rice. This kind of rice is indeed very specific, even though it tends to be sticky when cooked, it does not produce the typical mush, as it is the case with jasmine rice for example. Once you have the right kind of rice, mix vinegar, sugar and salt, heat up to dissolve and then pour into your rice. Mix well and let rice cool down. The Nori you want to use for sushi must be firm and solid. You should be able to halve it easily. It definitely cannot be “rubbery” or wrinkled or otherwise torn or uneven.
And now you can make your three Nori sushi varieties – salmon with avocado, tuna with cucumber and vegetarian with yellow radish. Cut your ingredients in slices (to the width of your little finger) and place them onto a rolling mat with Nori seaweed with sushi rice. Once you form your roll, cut the pieces with your knife dipped in water (remove rice stuck to your knife after each cut) - you should be able to do just fine.

Finally, prepare a bowl with wasabi paste, pickled ginger and good quality Japanese soy sauce. Enjoy the healthy and fresh fish with rice and seaweed, which may look kind of ordinary at the first sight, but in fact it is what gives the sushi its shape and taste and your body an unreal dose of nutritional value.


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