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Zuzana Kala Grofová - at the birth of Health Index and Nutritional Programs

specialized in clinical nutrition for the past twenty years

For many years, Doctor of Medicine Mrs. Zuzana Kala Grofová has been successfully leading her weight loss, dietetic and dietary cooking clinic and has been helping people to find their way to a healthy lifestyle. In her thirty-year long practice she has been involved with internal medicine, geriatrics and clinical biochemistry, and has been specialized in clinical nutrition for the past twenty years. She got interested in dietary science already by her teachers.

During her studies at the Medical Faculty she found herself in one of the first places specializing in artificial nutrition. Today Dr. Grofová takes care on a daily basis of patients in severe conditions that could not be solved without artificial nutrition at all. During our close collaboration on the Health Index and Nutrition Programs, we are consistently confronted with the evidence on how lifestyle can significantly influence our health. Based on all the learning and experience we identified 5 pillars of healthy lifestyle: nutrition, physical activity, ability to deal with bad habits, psychological balance, and overall health condition.
Zuzana Kala Grofová is day-by-day seeing how powerful the health impact of these five areas is. Her words are confirming that if we manage to have the above five pillars under control, we are doing our best for our health.

"It is significant how much one can change under condition he or she gets correct, trustworthy and validated information and actively integrates the recommendation(s) into everyday life,"
says Dr. Grofová.
Zuzana Kala Grofová herself follows a few seemingly simple and proven rules. And she encourages the others to do the same. The key moment is to realize that my health is my own business. Obviously it is essential to fight idleness and learn to live the new style normally, where “normally” means: "the way it suits myself". In addition to health, the reward is also the preservation of youth and performance. Changing lifestyle has a positive effect even on some health conditions where genetics is involved, for instance obesity.
"Unfortunately we often rely on incorrect information and we would love to have a sort of magical arrow, one thing that would change everything. Nevertheless a healthy lifestyle is a step-by-step process, "
says Dr. Grofová.
For this reason Walmark has worked on and launched in cooperation with Dr. Grofová Nutrition Programs and Health Index to help find and kick-start an effective and rational way to healthy lifestyle for anyone.
In collaboration with Dr. Grofová Walmark has also identified specific areas that are most often problematic, such as body and mind energy, health and beauty of skin, hair and nails and healthy movement. This resulted in a combination of professional and holistic sets – Nutrition Programs – aimed to fix the specific problem areas. In case a person is aware of a weakness in a certain field, he or she will find the most effective support with Nutrition Programs.
The Health Index is an online tool that, on the basis of a set of questions, offers to each and everyone a personal monthly plan filled with simple activities and recommends an ideal combination of nutritional products. Supplements will support the goals of the individual plan day by day and the tasks given in the the plan they will help to move one’s overall health condition a number of imaginary levels higher. The Health Index aims at the overall lifestyle re-start - an important parameter of the monthly plan is simplicity and small changes that are easy to fix. Small simple steps each day are the most reliable way to get to a positive result.