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Find out how your health is doing
Health index is interactive tool made in cooperation with a clinical nutrition specialist.

We will help you to find out how little you need to take the first step towards a healthy lifestyle.
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    • Your health index
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    • 28-day plan for your healthier lifestyle
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Health Index already supports 22691 people

Average rating 4.5

Health Index - a unique tool for a healthy lifestyle
The co-author of the Health Index, Dr. Zuzana Kala Grofová, describes how unique this tool is and in which way it can help us to fine-tune our condition.

Doctor Grofová, what did you find appealing on the Health Index project and what made you get involved in its creation? Do you believe that an online test can capture the important health indicators?
"The Health Index is a program for support of health - a program for healthy individuals who are so enlightened that they want to preserve their health. It is a sophisticated tool that takes into account 5-lifestyle areas: balanced diet, overall health condition, physical activity, psychological balance and the ability to deal with bad habits. The online Health Index test is built around these five pillars and so are its evaluation as well as the personal monthly plan and other recommendations. Another reason I was pleased to work on the Health Index is that it is not easy to find a good quality content online. Articles of very different level overwhelm the Internet, and any incorrect information can actually be damaging."

It is hard to live with diets and regimes. Why would the Health Index be different?

"The Health Index is about the overall lifestyle re-start – important factors are simplicity and small changes that are easy to fix. The feedback that happens continuously thanks to the repetition of the online test is also very important. Evaluation of the progress and the reward are key success parameters. One suddenly realizes that life gets better with the small changes adopted through the plan."
In what way does the Health Index help to maintain and cultivate health and healthy habits?

"The Health Index is positive, it encourages, and it is based on recommended practices that are used even in clinical work. It composes a personal monthly plan according to the information entered into the test - practically tailor-made to each and every one."
Did you try the test yourself and your family? And are you and your family following your HI plan?

"It's rather the opposite. I have been following my personal plan for many years. And the Health Index has actually come out from my very own experience and expertise."
What are the most common health misconducts that you encounter in your medical practice?

"It could be expressed as disrespect to oneself and our body. We only have one body for a lifetime, and we should provide it with a balanced diet, temperance, activity and a quiet mind."
And which bad habits is the plan most effective with?

"With those we truly want to change."


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