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Nutritional programs

The current lifestyle most of us have puts a lot of stress on our minds and bodies. Which is why our bodies need the extra nutritional support that we don't provide it. In such cases, our organism needs nutritional support that can not be provided by itself and which often does not even get from the diet. This is why we, together with doctors, nutritionists and clinical nutritional specialists, have developed a complex solution for supplying the body with necessary nutrients. Our nutrition programs are designed to help everyone choose according to their lifestyle and individual needs and give you all the support for your health and well being.

How to choose the most suitable program?

We have two options for you. You can choose from a pre-made packages or customize your own nutrition program based on your health index.

I know what I need to focus on. That's why I'll choose from pre-made packages.

Our specialists created four packages. Which provide you with the most common needs connected with vitamin and mineral intake. Choose one of the following packages and do the right thing for your health.

I don't know exactly what I need, and I will need advise.

Find out, what's right for you throught a simple online Health index developed in collaboration with leading experts and get tailor-made package that suits your needs.

Start your test
  • Tailor-made monthly program
  • individual plan for active life
  • Regular extra tips for better health
  • Ability to track your progress

Which nutrition program should I choose?

It's up to you. You can try a one month program, but remember the best results come from the long term supplement.

One month health package

  • Synergy of three tailored products
  • Compex and simple solution without worries
  • Important first step for health support

Three month health package

  • Better results thanks to long term using
  • Active health support for a quarter of a year
  • First month is FREE